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African clothes designers

In Africa there are so many designers that design African attire which is available on the market. The designers are capable of making any fashion and designs according to their qualifications. In ancient time, African designers used treated animal hide, furs, and feathers to make clothes but with the introduction of western culture today they use cotton, silk, wool among others to make clothes. For quality purposes each designer focuses on a specific attire such as women dress, or children attire, or even men attire although some even combine and can design any attire. The designers can either be a team or company or an individual. Team designer’s combine efforts and ideas to come up with various designs that are readily available in the market today. Designers come up with some designs that are specifically worn on fashion shows. The designers also make clothes for special event such wedding gowns, bridal parties, and also traditional dance clothes. Some of the most popular clothes designers in Africa are:


  • Phunk Afrique – This is a Nigerian designer that specifically design clothes for women.  Phunk Afrique is well known for designing clothes for  Kulture shows however for effective results it had to team up with Zashadu designers. They have very beautiful collections which  are highly recommended all over Nigerian and Africa at large.
  • MUSTAFA HASSANALI – He is an African clothes designer based in Tanzania. He is very creative in designing traditional African clothes and has won several African clothes designs awards. He is well known for his participation in designing clothes worn in the 2010 miss African USA Pageant which was held in Maryland.
  • Frank Osodi – Is another respected and a great African clothes designer based in Nigeria but well known all over the world. His designs and clothes are recognized all over the world. He participated in the New York fashion week in New York City.
  • Tiffany Amber – Is a Nigerian designer that designs traditional African clothes in timeless, feminine and effortlessly stylish pieces. She is also known as Folake Folarin-Coker and was awarded the Tiffany Amber that aroused in the year 2009/2010 at the Arise Africa fashion week in South Africa.
  • David Tlale – He uses his skills to show cultural Intimacy in his collection. He is well known as he was awarded 2009 Designer of the Year award at the Arise Africa Fashion Awards.
  • Vera Vee Ochia – She is from Kenya and a known designer who have become popular in the fashion industry in Kenya and internationally. She participated in the Swahili fashion week and Miss African USA Runaway.
  • Miss Estella Al – She is best known as Estella a great woman from Nigeria. She has worked with Miss Africa USA Pageant for some years. She is most respected in the fashion industry in Africa. She is a kind woman; she is passionate in assisting needy people.
  • Akouvi Fashion- Akouvi is also an African clothes designer from Togo but based in California. Apart from designing casual and couture clothes she also has a massive collection of African hats and head gears.
  • Stella Atal- She is also a well known Africa clothes designer. She comes from Uganda but she works internationally. She participated in Miss Africa USA Pageant in 24 July 2010.


There are many African clothes designers who have done a great job in the field of fashion industry but I have just mentioned a few. Generally, these African clothes designers have great talents in designing.