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African clothes for men

African clothes are clothes that are mainly worn by Africans and made for men, women and children. There are specific clothes designs and styles specifically made for men although at times African clothes can be unisex. In this article we are going to look at African clothes for men that were worn in the ancient times and the modern African clothes. Traditional African clothes for men were initially determined by cultural practices of each ethnic group. The most common traditional African clothes for men are:

  • Dashiki attire – This is a traditional African attire that is mainly worn by men on special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, initiations, and on other important African ceremonies, though it is said to be best for informal weeding and beach wedding. The dashiki outfit consisted of a matching pant and a shirt. The attire comes with different styles of suits as it can be printed or embroidered. With modernization and introduction of western culture the dashiki attire has nowadays been changed to a western style button down shirt. The modern dashiki is worn at weddings, graduations, and other special occasions.
  • Agbada attire – This is a 4-piece outfit for men that is embroidered and mainly consists of the agbada, bubu, pants and a hat. In Africa the Agbada attire has various names as each ethnic group has it own name for the agbada attire. Some refers to it as Boubou, among the Wolof of Sene-gambia and as Riga among the Hausa and Fulani of the Western African region. The agbada attire is mainly worn on special occasions although it was historically worn by Chiefs of the Yoruba of Nigeria.
  • Kaftan attire – It is a 3-piece African clothing attire for men that is made of cotton brocade or silk attire with full sleeves. It consisted of a Kaftan, pants and contrasting hat. Traditionally, Kaftans attire was regularly embroidered on the front and on the sleeves however according to the taste of the person to whom it was presented it could be changed. The Kaftans attire is worn by both men and women. The Kaftan attire was and is mostly worn at dinner parties, baby showers, engagement parties, anniversaries and weddings.
  • Tie Dye & Pants Set – This attire is worn by men and it is said to be the most comfortable and sexy African menswear. African men loves this tie & dye cotton pant set as it gives them a fun African look that is totally genuine.


Fashion Tips and tips for buying African clothes for men


  • African clothes for men come in a diversity of style and design, make sure that you choose the best outfit that is elegant and comfortable. African fashions in clothes are a way of expressing cultural beauty and styles, It is important that you choose the best fashion that reflect your culture.
  • Some African clothes for men may have embroidery designs, however ensure that you choose the best design that pleases you.
  • Clothes that have horizontal pattern help you look better while those with vertical pattern clothes help you look taller and thinner
  • Silk Tie is a perfect match in your clothing style.


In my perspective it is important to have a little understanding about traditional African fashion for men so that you can choose an awesome African wear since there are of different make.