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African inspired clothes

There are 54 countries in Africa and there are over 2000 languages spoken on this wonderful continent. In this article we are going to look at clothes inspired by these 52 countries. African clothes have different color, designs and pattern. These 3 things are significant to African culture and reveal the value behind some of its most beautiful patterns. Some clothes have patterns or symbol of couples which may be representing a married couple, twins, ancestors or community founder. This kind of art was developed for positions of ceremonial honor. Another symbol used in African clothes was mother and child symbol which represents mother earth and the people as her children. It is true that African women have strong desire for children which is a very important part of African culture. Another symbol or art used in African clothes is a male with a weapon which is used to show honor to dead ancestors. There are other many patterns and arts used for African clothes and most of them symbolize something and they have got different meaning and what they represent is totally different from each other.

As we make an effort to understand what has historically made African peoples what they are and the clothes they wore, this knowledge gives us pleasure for the custom and deeper values of much of African society. African inspired clothes for women either free size or one size fit most. Some people many not understand what this means but majority especially those who have bought them know what free size or one size fit means. For the purpose of those who do not know what it free size or one size fit clothes it means the clothes will fit from a size small up to usually a 1X. Some clothes may be free size plus meaning they can go up to a 3X. Inspired clothes for children world wide there is an inspiring collection of matching ensembles for children both girls and boys. There are all sizes available in stores for all children. Unisex InspiredClothes are adorable and fashionable and they are for both men and women. These Unisex InspiredClothes have all designs and they have different colors. Apart from that they have various patterns and each pattern has its meaning. These clothes are free size and most will fit up to 60″ bust or chest.

African inspired clothes took the spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear runways by storm. Collections by designers like Dries Van Noten, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg were full of exciting colors and zingy prints in off-the-moment silhouettes. These clothing are fabulous and are made from very fine textures. Their prints, designs, patterns and texture have long been a part of African heritage. African inspired clothes come with radiant fabrics and even more colorful culture that come with them. These African inspired clothes have always been in fashion everywhere at some point. It’s just having its moment in the high-fashion just like Native American or Japanese inspired clothing has in the past. African Inspired clothes are hitting the runway and they are actually getting their spotlight. Some designers can made clothes out of traveling to a certain country for example: there is a certain designer whose name is Max Osterweis he made colorful clothing line known as Suno which was inspired by his frequent visits to Kenya.