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African style clothes

African clothes can be made of different styles. In Africa there are so many ethnic groups and each has it own styles in their clothes. The traditional style in a great deal African attire is greatly determined by the culture, political, religious of each ethnic group and the social class an individual belongs. For instance the most common Nigerian traditional attire is the wrapper and it is worn by all people despite their social classes. Wrapper style attire may also be worn together with head attire or wraps and they are mainly worn at weddings, graduations and other special occasions. The African attires worn nowadays have the traditional African-style although with the western culture the styles have greatly changed. The fabric produced in Africa can be made traditional styles or western styles. Some of the most common traditional African style clothes are:

  • Kaftans and dashikis – This is a 3-piece elegant outfit for men and it consists of Kaftan, hat and pant with beautiful matching embroidery. Traditionally they were initially traditional men’s styles but later they were that were adopted by women. The Kaftan is said to have been possessed by the Egyptian queen and it is embroidered with prints and amulets. Kaftans and dashikis style attire are worn during traditional wedding and in this case the bride’s Kaftan should be the same color as the groom’s dashiki. It is also worn on elegant occasions such as anniversaries.
  • Yoruba Aso Oke – This is a traditional outfit for that usually have four pieces and it is mainly worn by Nigerian Yoruba loyalty. The four pieces includes wrapper, shawls, head tie and buba and it is embroidered with a matching color. This African style outfit is worn on special occasions including holidays, weddings, funerals and chieftain title ceremonies.
  • Agbada or Babariga – This is a four pieces Nigerian men outfits that consist of a hat, long sleeved shirt, pants and flowing buba. Agbada cloth can be made in various styles and designs and they are named depending on the type of design and style, for example Gbarie outfit. Agbada or babariga outfit. Agbada outfits are appropriate for special occasions and events.
  • Pharaoh Kaftans – It is a tie and dye cotton brocade with embroidery that can be of one, two or three pieces. It is mostly worn on elegant occasion such as wedding and ceremonies.
  • Kente attire – This was originally worn by the Akan people. It is said to be a royal and sacred cloth that was mainly worn only on important times. Kente was traditionally meant for kings. It can be made into varies patterns and styles that have a traditional concept in it.
  • African Tie-Dye – This is a type of clothe style that is popular in Senegal, Gambia and Yoruba. There are various methods of tie and dye.

There are various
African fashion designer brands and fashion that makes up the African style clothe. African people choose well designed African style clothes that reflect their traditional culture and the influence other societies have had on the various African tribes. When it comes to ultimate style, African has various wedding attire and each represent the culture of each African ethnic group. Most people who are fascinated with the African culture always buy African style clothes that remind them about their culture. When choosing an outfit it is quite important that you choose the best style that fit you body type.