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African dance clothes

A dance is the sequence of body movements that match with the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. In Africa there are so many tribes and each has it own cultural dance. Research shows that most African dances are derived from the social or religious traditions of each ethnic group. African dance, songs and music are held during ceremonies such as initiation, various festivals, and traditional weddings passing of right from childhood to adulthoods. In general African traditional dance take place communally and their main objective is to articulate the life, culture and the tradition of the each community. In Africa dances are mainly grouped by gender, age and status. African dance grouped by gender helps in emphasizing gender roles among children and also it indicates strict taboos about interaction. Mostly African dances include the use of drums, vocals and feet stamping.

African dancers are well trained and they prepare themselves very well before they can go for dancing be it for ceremonies or for competitions. During their preparation they ensure that they have the right dance costumes and accessories that make them feel comfortable, relaxed during the dance. The type of costumes worn depends on the kind of dance and the movement involved in the dance. Some of the costumes that are mostly used are:

  • Dance dress – They dress should be breathtaking and made of light material such as polyester, nylon and stretch material. The design of the dress is determined by the movements involved in the dance. The design of the dress should allow the dancer to express their unique dancing style and the passion of the dance.
  • Dance tights – this is the most essential dancewear needs that is mostly worn together with short skirts. Some of dance tights are footless, cute capris, stay-in-place stirrups among others. The tights are comfortable and they make movements easier and allow flexibility.
  • Shoes – they type of dancing shoes is supposed to be comfortable. The best dancing shoes choices are ballet slippers, tap shoes, hip-hop sneakers, lyrical and jazz shoes. It is advisable that they choice of the dancing shoe chosen should match with the movement of the dance.
  • Dance accessories – this are like bags, hats, gloves, toe saver among others. The accessories chosen should match with the costumes. At times accessories are added to costume in order to portray the theme the dance
  • Make-ups – this are decorations made on dancers. They enhance the face of a dancer and make it visible from a distance.

Purposes of dance clothes or costumes

  • Costumes enhance the body of the dancer and the concept of the dance.
  • They portray the hidden idea in the dance or make the invisible ideas visible
  • At times they replicate a certain period, culture, and performance of traditions.
  • A costume is more than an ordinary cloth and it should be simple and expressive so as to allow good movements during dancing. A good dance clothes should never hinder the movements of the dancer nor attract too much attention.

In every dance, whether performing it in spotlight, in the studio or even when having fun with your friends it is important that someone should put on the right dancing wears and accessories that harmonize with the dance. Choosing the best dance clothes ensures a good performance. Always ensure that you choose the best pants, dance shorts, dresses and shoes. There are various places to buy African dance clothes and the clothes are offered in fabulous new colors and sizes.

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African clothes stores

There are various African stores where you can buy traditional African clothes for all members of the family. There are stores where you can buy the attire online or even offline. The African clothes stores are situated all over the world and the offer the best African attire for all occasion and ceremonies. In this article we are going to look at some of the best African store where you can buy your family African clothe either online or by simply visiting the store. If you have no time to go to the store, is the best place to shop because

  1. It offers the best African traditional bridal and formal wears for all people. They have great selection for bridals and their gowns are of extremely beautiful and what majority seeks.
  2. This is an African store that supplies African clothes for men, women, children, African traditional clothes, African custom clothes and even church attires.Their clothes are made of fine but quality fabric and they are affordable.

  3. They sell outfits such as African wrappers, lace MaterialsAfrican print,dress, shirts, and African agbada attires for men, African Dashiki and accessories. Their main objective is to offer the best outfits that are well designed in order to make women look and feel fabulous at all time. At this store there has a lot of unique African Clothing and this ensures that they serve all their customers needs and that they have the African attire for every buyer. offers high quality design and sewing at a relatively affordable prices.

  4. They offer the best clothes that are well fashioned and of very good quality. They mainly focus and offer the best collection of safari clothing wear such as safari shirts, blouses, clothing and all sorts of travel accessories that come in all styles and sizes.Their services and their prices are highly recommended and this has made them so popular than other stores. Safari clothing has a variety of clothes to choose from and this makes it a good choice where people can shop for their right safari clothing that will make the trip so great and Exciting.

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African clothes for women

Traditional African clothes for women have variety of styles. They have amazing collection of colors and prints. The colors vary from bright into dull colors such as indigos, black, green, yellow, pink, purple just to mention a few. They have different designs and this includes kaftans and more traditional fitted African Queen Outfits. We have discovered that the designs have been modified for modern life but have maintained the personalities that have made traditional African clothes for women unique. These kinds of clothes are a great fashion that almost every woman would like to be wearing. When a woman is wearing African clothes she feels more comfortable and she looks decent and attractive.

African clothes for women are actually made from top quality fabric and they are usually man-made. Some of the most used African fabrics are Brocade, Satin, Silk, Mudcloth, Cotton, Kente among others. It is true that African clothes for women looks beautiful on any lady despite of their age, height, shape, or the size of the dress. African clothes for women apart from having different colors and designs they also have different patterns. Some of the main techniques that are used to manufacture fabric and African clothes are waxing. Waxing is done by using a wax-resistant dyeing technique on the fabric. Basically, hot wax is used to draw the design on the fabric, which is afterward dipped in dye and does it not infiltrate the material. The clothes made from this fabric are called African print and they are usually worn by people who are living on high standards or in other word people who are rich. African print is usually on high demand and they seem to be very attractive.

Choosing African clothes for women can be a hard task especially if someone doesn’t know exactly what she is looking. The reasons why it can be a difficult to choose these attires it is because they are so many choices to choose from and if someone does not know what she is looking for she may end up being confused or find it tough to make a decision. One disadvantage about going to market to buy African clothes for women without some specification of what you will buy is that someone wastes a lot of time moving from one place to another and taking a look of one garment after the other. Another disadvantage is that someone may purchase clothes that she can be regret later some says “that looks better than this” and this is because all the garments are quality and attractive and also it can be because she didn’t have idea of what she wants.

Kaftan is one of African women clothes and they come with various styles, color, designs and symbols. Kaftan garments brings love, protection and power to the person wearing it and that’s why when selecting these garment someone should select her design to fit her purpose. Kaftan clothes usually make someone to feels comfortable and keeps her elegant all day long. Tie dye kaftans are also popular for African clothes for women. The tie dyeing technique has been used for many years for manufacture of clothes for women. As I have mentioned above their symbols, patterns and designs are used for different purposes and they are worn with a meaning. For instances, there are some that are worn with a meaning of fertility. African clothes for women are cool, elegant, fashionable and fun. They are very popular in the whole universe and their colors are vibrant and passionate and every woman feels adorable when she has worn such clothes. African queens such as queen from the Lovedu tribe in South Africa wore these African dresses and have carried this flamboyant styling and designs through to modern times.

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African wedding clothes

Traditional African clothes are mainly worn during special occasions, during ceremonies such as initiation, marriage, and even wedding ceremonies. Wedding is the ceremony where two people are united in marriage. In African there are different types of wedding such as civil, traditional and church weddings. In each type of wedding different wedding attires are worn. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. This greatly determines the type of wedding clothes to be worn. Some of the main examples of African wedding clothes are bridal and formal clothing, wedding gowns, cultural wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, and bridesmaid attire among others. In this article we are going to look at African wedding clothes. There are various types of African wedding clothes available in the store. In general African wedding dresses come in various flavors, designs and styles. In traditional wedding there are various ceremonies and in each ceremony different wedding attire is worn. The dresses are custom –made, well designed to suit the occasion and some may have symbolism. Some of these are:

  • Bridal gown clothes – This is a wedding gowns that is mainly made using African fabric that can be decorated with hand stitched embroidery, beads, or adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols are generally embroidered onto African outfit for bridal, formal or exceptional occasions. There are various types of bridal gowns that are available in the store and there are various designs to choose from. African bridal clothes can be bought in TeKay Designs, The Sankofa Collection and Gold Collection.One of the best place or store to buy African bridal wears for both men and women is Anyiams Creations. Bridal clothes in Africa are made from fabrics such as silk, Guinea brocade, embroidered laces, satins, beads and trims designed for brides. Bridal gown are affordable and their prices range from $ 350 and above.
  • Wedding gowns – The gowns are commonly made of Ankara and voile lace fabrics. Bridal wear shop is the best place to do you wedding gown shopping as they have a wide selection of styles and designs. There are several wedding dress designer who can help you in choosing the gown design that fits you most.
  • African cultural wedding dresses – Wedding gown can be of any color although traditional white wedding gown has been the gown of choice in most modern cultures and African have adapted the modern culture. In Africa the design, the colour and the style of wedding dress is greatly determined by the culture of each ethnic group. It is believed that traditional African wedding should have a cultural theme and so the same case applies to the type of gown worn as it should also carries a hint of a distinct cultural fashion element.
  • Bridesmaid attire – This are clothes worn by the brides that accompanies the bride and the clothes should look elegant.
  • Flower girl dresses – their attire should be in custom colors to match bridesmaid fashions.


One beautiful outfit that can look wonderful at an African wedding or other important event is the Ariya. This is an African woman’s outfit that is made up of four individual pieces. African wedding dresses are commonly made of fabrics such as Ankara and voile lace. Mostly in traditional African wedding the outfits for both the bride and the groom should be matching and made of the same fabric.

Wedding clothes Tips and Advice

  • Do thoroughly research and choose the best design and style that pleases you. You can seek designers help in choosing your wedding attire. The choice of the dress should ensure that you look elegant and feel your best in your dress.

  • The gown should make you feel like an African queen and should bring out culture importance that will make you feel proud of your culture.

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South African clothes

In South Africa there different tribes and this makes their traditional clothes vary from one tribe to another. In South Africa the clothes are made on basis of climatical conditions of the country. In general the climatic condition in South Africa is sunny and therefore the traditional clothes made are for a sunny season. Another factor that determines the type of clothes to wear in South Africa is the activities that one is engaging on within the course of the day. For instance if someone is going for a safari trip choose something that is elegant and will make you comfortable. It is advisable that you choose:

  • neutral coloured clothes
  • pack a safari hat this will protect you from sunburns
  • Pack something warm such as jersey or pullover – Although South Africa temperature is hot it may sometimes drop at night.

Mostly the types of clothes worn in South Africa vary from the tribe to another and their social classes. Leaders mostly pride themselves with extra covering from cheetah skin this indicates their leadership. Cheetah skins represent royal and kingship in South Africa. Zulu tribes such as Xhosa also wear leopard skins and brightly colored feathers as a way to maintain their culture. The Sotho tribe in South Africa wears a blanket called a seanamarena and a cone shaped hat. In South Africa each tribe has it own culture, ceremonies and believes and they therefore put on different types of clothes.

South African clothing fact

    1. South Africa climate is hot and the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are directly opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere. The best clothes for summer months in South Africa are: lightweight clothes possible made of cottons and linens and short-sleeved clothes. In winter put on warmer clothes.
    2. They value their culture greatly – People in South Africa preserve their cultural heritage, languages and religious beliefs and this greatly determine the types of clothes they wear as part of their culture. In general various South African cultures such as Zulu wears beaded and embellished African dress on special occasions such as passage of rights, initiation ceremonies, and traditional marriages among other occasions.

In general the traditional South African clothes or attire varies from one tribe to another as each tribe has different cultural attire based on their land of origin and their cultural practices.

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Modern African Clothes

Modern African clothes are garments made from African fabric which has all been professionally made in different parts of Africa with different designs. There are many professional designers all over the world who are making style accessible and fashion affordable for the classy, hard working and discerning men and women. One of goal is to create beautiful clothes of the highest quality with the African culture on their minds. These modern clothes are made and mixed with the richness and ethnicity of African culture. The decorative collection is intensified by a flamboyant color palette which makes the wearer look more attractive and to feel like a fairytale beauty. The clothes in this time inspired collection reflect a girl’s maturity into a woman while still maintaining the essence of being a girl.

The modern African clothes for women are not complete without the stunning head wrap. It is a fact that the head wrap or head-tie plays an essential part in fashion styling in Africa. They usually vary in color and patterns. There many styles of tying them but it depend with the taste of the wearer. Tying a head wrap is as easy as swallowing a drink but more versatile. There are some factors that affect the end result of trying a head wrap and some of them include weight of the fabric, texture, and it size. It is recommended that you should always keep your head wrap crisp with a spray starch so as to have better results when you tie it on your head. Also in order to have a better result you should use ½ to 1 yard of 100% cotton fabric that is in case you want to tie the basic style.

Aso-oke is another modern African clothes, it is a hand made cloth woven by the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria. It is made of silk or cotton fabric and it is made very carefully and therefore it takes time when making it. Aso-oke is woven with sophisticated unique patterns made from dyed strands of fabric that are woven into strips of cloth. Aso-oke is a very elegant African cloth and can be worn in different designs and they can be worn by both men and women. Aso-oke consists of 4 pieces and they are a plain straight blouse without darts and fasteners, a wrapper, Head tie and shoulder sash or shawl. Garments for men are also made up of 4 parts and they are African men’s top, trousers, broad sleeved dressing gown worn over the top, usually worn to the ankles and the 4th part is the cap. Aso-oke clothes are inexpensive and they are elegant.

Ankara is clothing which is considered to be modern African clothes. Ankara is vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs and is made of cotton. They can either be made from cotton which is 100% pure or from cotton poly material. They are made in Ghana and they have a strong cultural, social and economic significance. These clothes are made with different patterns and they are named according to their designs. Ankara is durable and they can be worn in various styles. In most cases these clothes are worn in occasions such as weddings, parties and other similar African occasions. It is advisable that when cleaning these kinds of clothes someone should wash it by hand or through dry cleaning.

African lace is also modern clothes for African. Laces are basically made with delicate cloth and very rich embroidery and they actually show African custom. These laces are very different with USA laces or those of Europeans. The texture of the lace is light, rich and is made from the thinnest cotton in the world. One advantage about these laces is that they do not shrink and they do not fade. African laces are worn by both men and women.


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African designer clothes

In Africa there are many designers that have the capability of designing clothes in to various designs thus enhancing variation. Clothes are designed into different design so as to fit the occasion, to meet the taste of each individual, and also to ensure that buyers pick their best choice from wide variety of fashion designer clothes. In general designer clothes are costly and good-looking. There are various designer apparels and the choice that someone chooses is greatly determined by personal preferences. The designer clothes indicate a lot about a person, culture and even occasion. In the ancient times some designer clothes were specifically made to fit an occasion or even for a certain social class. The royal clothes had a special design and were usually worn by the kings and the queens. Other apparels were specifically designed to fit occasions such as initiation, traditional wedding and passage of right.

There are many African designer clothes available in the market for all members of the family. Designers ensure that they design all attire with much consideration and effort to ensure that they provide the best design and according to their specification. Nowadays there are so many corrupt people that produce imitated product that are of poor quality. It is therefore advisable that when buying African designer clothes ensure that you buy from a reliable store such as

Ways to get quality but low-cost designer clothes

In most cases people tend to think that low-cost clothes are not of quality. The truth is that the price does not mean that it comprises the quality but shows that you are a savvy shopper:

  • You can buy old clearance stock sales, or even buy at places where the shop is closing sales.
  • Wait for the special sales and discount season – In the market there is a time that they are special offers on clothes. This is mainly done to attract customers.
  • Buy your clothes at the industry outlet not at retail shops – The manufactures sells their product at relatively fair prices.
  • Do thorough research through the internet and buy where the prices are low.
  • You can buy the clothes at auction
  • Buy you clothes at bulk or at wholesale prices – When buying designer clothes at bulk there is a great discount and this enables the retailer to supplier their customers with the attire at the same target market price as the same as the manufacturers. Buying designer clothes at wholesale is the best way to start a business which involves selling of branded items at a reduced cost.
  • During Christmas always buy your clothes early in advance as prices tend to go up.

Benefits of Buying African Designer Clothes from Online Boutique

  • When doing research you are likely to come across the latest attire in the market and you may decide to change your mind on what you were looking for.
  • It save time and energy and ensure that you get the exact attire as you will search and order what you desire.
  • It ensures that you get a quality and original attire that is exclusively designed by qualified fashion designers.


To ensure that you purchase a quality African designer clothes make sure to bu from

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Traditional African clothes

Traditional African clothes are out fits mainly worn by Africans and they are made of different types of fabrics. The fabric that is mostly used to make African clothes is Aso oke fabric. This fabric is then passed through a process called Adire that create the tie and dye patterns in the fabric. Traditionally these fabrics were hand made and the skill and techniques are passed from one generation to the other, although with the introduction of western culture and clothing, African culture and clothing have started to fade away and very few people makes the fabric by hand nowadays. Due to the fact that they were hand made they produced diverse pattern and designs. African fabric used to make African clothes is made from many different designs, patterns and colors and is mainly bright in color. The patterns, design and the color of the African fabric mainly varies from one region to another.


In general African clothes are typically loose-fitting and incredibly comfortable. As the fabric used to make African clothes varies from one region to another, the same case applies to the outfit itself as it varies from region to region. The design of the African clothes is mainly determined by culture of each country or ethnic group. In most case an African outfits usually have a head wrap or a hat for men that also varies from one region to another. There are different types of African clothes and some of them are:


  • Dashikis – This is a brightly printed tunics
  • Embroidered Yoruba Aso oke – this is mainly worn for celebrations
  • Princess kaftans – it is usually printed in complex patterns.
  • Babariga or Agbada outfit – This is mainly four part outfits that consist of a hat, long-sleeved shirt, agbada bubu, and pants. It can be worn on African traditional weddings.
  • Ariya – this is an African woman outfit that is mainly worn on traditional weddings or important events. It mainly consists of Blouse, head wrap, shawl and wrapper. This African dress comes with different styles, pattern and color.
  • Lapa – This is an outfit mostly worn by a true African tribal Queen and it originated from South Africa.
  • Kaftans – This is a traditional African women clothe that is mostly worn by African royal family, queens and women belonging to prominent families.


Traditional African clothes for women

Traditional African clothes can be worn by children, men and women. African clothes for women mainly consist of Kaftans and it come with a variety design, color and style. The designers also make accessories such as handbags, jewelries and shoes that matches with the cloth. Traditional African clothing for women was greatly influenced by the ancient Egyptian clothing.


Significant of African traditional clothes


  • African clothes mainly put emphasis on the various tribes of Africa and they keep up a correspondence the traditions of the African people.
  • Traditional African clothes signify the cultural importance and helps in maintaining and preserving the African culture.
  • They usually help someone to reflect on their heritage especially when they are worn on traditional wedding and African special occasions or events.
  • African clothes are worn during African ceremonies such as initiation and in this case the design concept that is used shows integrity and dignity of the occasion. The use of African clothes in initiation ceremony is to decorate the ceremony.


There are several stores where one can buy the Traditional African clothes. is the #1 Source for the best African Clothes!