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Clothes for African safari

Safari is an overland tour, particularly for hunting or exploring in eastern Africa. When going to safari people just don’t wear ordinally clothes. There are specific safari clothes that people need to wear. Most people get confused and do a lot mistake when choosing safari outfits. Choosing the best safari clothes may not be easy as people think especially if you are not familiar with the climatic condition in Africa. In this article we are going to look at the best African safari clothes and the mistakes that people make when choosing safari clothes.


The common mistakes that people make when choosing Safari Wear

It is quite obvious that most people make a lot of mistakes when packing their safari outfit. It is relatively important that you be familiar with the climatic conditions so as you may avoid the common mistakes at all cost as this may greatly affects your trip. Mainly the types of clothing that you should pack for safari greatly depend on the time of year and type of safari holiday you are planning to go. When one has chosen the right safari clothes he or she is assured of a very good trip and start. Let’s now look at what you should pack for your safari tour.

  • Majority makes a mistake of forgetting to pack a hat. African weather is at times hot and sunny and therefore you should always pack a hat to prevent you from African sun.
  • At times people just pack light clothes and forget to pack warm clothes. Pack a jacket as the weather may change and the climate in the night may be at times cold.
  • A vest is quite important as during the day the weather may be too hot and you may need to stay with a vest.
  • People pack boots instead of lightweight safari shoes or sandal.
  • People pack bright coloured clothes and they should be avoided as there is so much dust and dirt in safari. The best colors are Khaki, brown and olive.

The most important point to remember when packing clothes for safari is that you need to take enough time to be prepared and keep the really important stuff close at hand. The other thing that you should consider is design and the fashion of the safari clothes.


Most common safari clothes for men, women and children

Let now look at the most common safari wear for all people. The safari wear should be designed for travel and in this case they should be comfortable. The best safari shirt for men should be designed in such a way that it can provide comfort and in that case it should be light, strong, durable, crease, and proof along with a breathable material. Besides that the shirt should be long sleeved in order to protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. It is therefore advisable that when packing for any safari tour, make an effort of packing many long sleeved shirts.

Qualities of a good safari clothes that will make you comfortable

  • Safari clothes should be made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton and synthetic
  • It should be comfortable
  • The material should be waterproof
  • The pullover should be woolen jerseys if you are traveling in winter.
  • If you are to going for a walk on the hot desert sand consider packing lightweight desert boots.

There are various safari wear stores or companies all over the world where one can buy safari wears. They all offer quality and durable outfit for men, women and even children.