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How to buy African clothes

African clothes have recently become the most desired fashion and design, they are all over the market and interests for them is improving day after the other. The growing interest in African clothes and the rise of designers who are working hard in this field of making these clothes is of great importance to many. There are many designs for African clothes and all of them are very pretty and it can be a hard task to choose African clothes to buy. When you are in the process of buying African clothes all you need is a little time, patience and some background research so as to buy something that you won’t regret afterwards. Some people goes in the shops choose clothes in a hurry without taking enough time to do selection and to compare from others and they finally end up regretting.


As I mentioned in the other article when we talk about African clothes what should be on your mind is the 53 countries this includes Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Burundi, Angola, Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania among others. Somali people wear clothes that have traits of both the traditional Islamic wear and the western apparel styles. The clothes are usually western in style but are made in such a way that they do not go against the Islamic cultural traditions. Their men a specific dressing style and they pertain to it. In Kenya there are 70 ethnic groups or tribe and each have got it own traditional clothes and styles. Some tribes have kept their traditional dress and life style for example Maasai Mara people, Samburu and Turkana. Maasai women usually wear huge plate-like bead necklaces, and colorful wraps called kanga while their men wear a red-checked shuka and carry a distinctive ball-ended club. As we saw in the other article that each pattern, color and symbol in African clothes have a meaning the red clothing for Maasai stands for power. When it comes to Nigeria, the clothing in this country is unique and pretty.Some of the materials that are used to prepare dresses in Nigeria include adire, Ankara, jacquard and lace. Some of Nigerian men clothes are sokoto, buba, abeti-aja, and fila while those of women include buba, kaba, iro, gele. Chitenji is a very popular clothing of the Malawi women and they usually wear it in every favorable occasion and this has been traditional clothing for them.

Points to consider when buying African clothes

Before you move to any store to buy African clothes you need to have a plan, you need to know exactly what you are going to buying among other important things. We are going to discuss some of useful things that you have to bear in mind when buying clothes.

  • You should know your own size before you go buy clothes as this will help you avoid wasting time. Some people go to a store without knowing their sizes and therefore they try many clothes some which are too small or to big for them.
  • You should also bear in mind what fabric you are looking for so as to avoid choosing fabric that you do not want
  • Another most important thing to consider is how much you want to spend. Some people just walk into a shop or store without planning their budget and they buy clothes which are more expensive and they later they find out that they have used all the money. Others moves to a shop and start trying clothes which they can’t afford so be wise plan your budget before to avoid all these kind of problems.
  • You should also have an idea of what you want buy as this helps a lot, it easier because your brain starts organizing right away on what stores to go to. There are many other things that you can think about when buying African clothes but I have just mentioned a few.