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Modern African Clothes

Modern African clothes are garments made from African fabric which has all been professionally made in different parts of Africa with different designs. There are many professional designers all over the world who are making style accessible and fashion affordable for the classy, hard working and discerning men and women. One of goal is to create beautiful clothes of the highest quality with the African culture on their minds. These modern clothes are made and mixed with the richness and ethnicity of African culture. The decorative collection is intensified by a flamboyant color palette which makes the wearer look more attractive and to feel like a fairytale beauty. The clothes in this time inspired collection reflect a girl’s maturity into a woman while still maintaining the essence of being a girl.

The modern African clothes for women are not complete without the stunning head wrap. It is a fact that the head wrap or head-tie plays an essential part in fashion styling in Africa. They usually vary in color and patterns. There many styles of tying them but it depend with the taste of the wearer. Tying a head wrap is as easy as swallowing a drink but more versatile. There are some factors that affect the end result of trying a head wrap and some of them include weight of the fabric, texture, and it size. It is recommended that you should always keep your head wrap crisp with a spray starch so as to have better results when you tie it on your head. Also in order to have a better result you should use ½ to 1 yard of 100% cotton fabric that is in case you want to tie the basic style.

Aso-oke is another modern African clothes, it is a hand made cloth woven by the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria. It is made of silk or cotton fabric and it is made very carefully and therefore it takes time when making it. Aso-oke is woven with sophisticated unique patterns made from dyed strands of fabric that are woven into strips of cloth. Aso-oke is a very elegant African cloth and can be worn in different designs and they can be worn by both men and women. Aso-oke consists of 4 pieces and they are a plain straight blouse without darts and fasteners, a wrapper, Head tie and shoulder sash or shawl. Garments for men are also made up of 4 parts and they are African men’s top, trousers, broad sleeved dressing gown worn over the top, usually worn to the ankles and the 4th part is the cap. Aso-oke clothes are inexpensive and they are elegant.

Ankara is clothing which is considered to be modern African clothes. Ankara is vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs and is made of cotton. They can either be made from cotton which is 100% pure or from cotton poly material. They are made in Ghana and they have a strong cultural, social and economic significance. These clothes are made with different patterns and they are named according to their designs. Ankara is durable and they can be worn in various styles. In most cases these clothes are worn in occasions such as weddings, parties and other similar African occasions. It is advisable that when cleaning these kinds of clothes someone should wash it by hand or through dry cleaning.

African lace is also modern clothes for African. Laces are basically made with delicate cloth and very rich embroidery and they actually show African custom. These laces are very different with USA laces or those of Europeans. The texture of the lace is light, rich and is made from the thinnest cotton in the world. One advantage about these laces is that they do not shrink and they do not fade. African laces are worn by both men and women.